October is DONE!

It is with great happiness that I can say that October is over!

Assuming nothing horrid happens in the next few hours, we have survived October. This is truly an amazing and wonderful thing. For several years running we had really rough Octobers. This one seems to have been alright.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. November is coming. Hooray!

Thankful for… my husband

I am thankful for my husband all the time, but tonight I am especially thankful for him because he is off at The Haunt at Great America and I am not. He is dealing with haunted houses and thrill rides in the dark. I am dealing with reading books about chickens with rubber band legs and a cow that goes to the planet Zork. I think I got the better deal.

Thank you, dear husband, for taking the large child and making her evening a wonderful one. And mine too.

Grieving for a Lifestyle

A few weeks ago we found out that my son did not have celiac disease. Through the research I did prior to him being tested and while waiting for the test results I knew that if it was positive and he did have celiac disease we were going to need to do a total food make-over. One of the things on the recommended list was acknowledging that you were grieving for the foods you could no longer have. Thankfully we didn’t have do this, but it got me thinking.

I am grieving for my food life before I started this fit and healthy journey. I am grieving for eating an oreo. I am grieving for eating potato chips. I am grieving about the time I am spending running in circles. I am grieving for a lifestyle that I am not really a part of anymore.

No one has ever told me that it is okay to grieve for a lifestyle before. I am not sure if anyone else even feels that it is a loss. But I do.

I want to be fit and healthy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss living like I did before. I am sure I will reach a new normal and I will adjust, just like anyone told that they could no longer have gluten would adjust. But grief is real. And right now I am sad.

Gratitude: Fire Trucks

First off, no one in our family is hurt or was involved in any sort accident today.

Today, my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen trying to get a computer to behave when we heard a squeal of car brakes, then the crunch of metal, and then silence. Since our house backs up to an expressway, this isn’t too terribly unusual. I know of at least three accidents that have happened right near our house, two of them significant. Today was one of those significant ones.

Today after two or three minutes we heard the sounds of fire trucks. They are just down the road, no more than a mile or two away. When we went out to go to the gym we saw the scene. One car was being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck, another car was on its side, and a third car was under the car on its side. It looked like someone going on the expressway had run into a car making a left turn and pushed it over and into a third car.

We got around all the mess and went on about our business. But I am grateful that there were several police cars, at least one fire truck, and there must have been an ambulance but I didn’t see it. I am profoundly grateful that I live in a place where emergency services are available. I hope to never need them. But I am glad they are there.

(If you are actually going to the blog and not reading this in an RSS Reader, you might have noticed an Iced Tea of the Day widget on the side. Today’s tea was a bust. No Lipton iced tea for us. We go back to something else tomorrow. Maybe Blueberry…)

Gratitude: Eyeglasses

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. He said my vision is pretty much the same as it was before. I had a rough 20/20 with the current glasses, but that it would be slightly better with the new ones. It is an astigmatism correction not a focus correction. I am happy. He also said that I can still wear the glasses when reading, but if my eyes get tired and I want to I can take the glasses off and read that way. My walking buddy said that was a good reason to read in bed and not worry about the glasses. I think she is right.

My daughter got a new prescription for glasses yesterday too, but her’s changed more. I am not surprised. She is still growing. She will be happy in about a week when the new glasses come in. My glasses come in at the same time, but she will be happier because she actually needs her’s to SEE.

So today I am thinking about the joys of being able to see and the thrill of being able to see well. I don’t usually pay much attention to it, but I should. It is important.

Gratitude: Time

Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can’t buy more hours. Scientists can’t invent new minutes. And you can’t save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. – Denis Waitely

I am grateful for the time that I have everyday. Everyday, I get to spend hours upon hours with my kids. Everyday my kids get to spend time with their Dad. Everyday I get to see and hold my husband. It is a luxury that I am truly happy to have.

This morning my husband forgot something on his way to work and didn’t catch his train. So I had the opportunity to take him to work. I could have been annoyed at the sudden addition of another hour in the car, but instead I decided that it was going to be another half hour of time spent talking to my husband instead (and a half hour of just me and my youngest). Time well spent. Not time wasted.


Most people do resolutions on January 1, when the new year happens. That doesn’t work for me. After dealing with the stress of the Christmas holidays and all the excitement, I don’t have the brain cells to think about and be able to implement something new.

So instead of having New Year’s Resolutions, last year I decided to have a birthday resolution instead. Last year for my 40th birthday I decided I needed to ‘Get Stronger’. I signed up for a fitness class and then times with a trainer weekly. Over the summer I upped the number of times to twice a week. I am indeed getting stronger. I can dead lift a little over my body weight. I can lift barbells over my head. I can do push ups and sit ups. The current goal is to be able to do a pull up. We are working on it. I did 10 assisted pull ups (pin 18) in a minute on Tuesday. My trainer (Mariah) is an incredibly encouraging and helpful woman. She tells me how strong I am. She reminds me that I am making progress. She is my cheering section.

Note: My husband is a wonderful cheering section too, but he would (and does) tell me I am wonderful all the time. He isn’t the right person for the job of helping me get stronger. He is the right person for helping me with all the sore muscles afterward.

After all that explanation, today is my birthday and I have decided on a new goal for this year. For my 41st birthday present to myself I am going to ‘Be Kind to Myself’. That is, I am going to treat myself as nicely as I would treat anyone else. I wouldn’t say the things my inner critic says to me to any of my friends so my inner critic needs to go away. I deserve to treat myself as well as I treat anyone else. And that is the goal.

So this blog is going to help me chronicle that journey, the journey to silence my inner critic and enjoy the fun joyful person that I know is in there and I want to see more often. It is very likely that you, readers, will see me post about Getting Stronger and about Being Kind to Myself.

Please be encouraging. Please leave comments. My inner critic can be very loud and very unkind. And somedays are just hard.

A New Blog

Today is my birthday and I have decided to start the blog over again. The old posts are gone. The template and colors are different. It is new.

Originally this blog was supposed to help far away relatives keep in touch with us and what was going on in the kids lives. It didn’t work out so well for that purpose. The kids grew and wanted more privacy. I didn’t want to talk only about them. At any rate, Life with Martians and I were done with each other.

And so I stopped. But I missed it. So I am bringing the blog back.

So what will happen now? I am not sure. I’ll let you know in a few weeks.