Most people do resolutions on January 1, when the new year happens. That doesn’t work for me. After dealing with the stress of the Christmas holidays and all the excitement, I don’t have the brain cells to think about and be able to implement something new.

So instead of having New Year’s Resolutions, last year I decided to have a birthday resolution instead. Last year for my 40th birthday I decided I needed to ‘Get Stronger’. I signed up for a fitness class and then times with a trainer weekly. Over the summer I upped the number of times to twice a week. I am indeed getting stronger. I can dead lift a little over my body weight. I can lift barbells over my head. I can do push ups and sit ups. The current goal is to be able to do a pull up. We are working on it. I did 10 assisted pull ups (pin 18) in a minute on Tuesday. My trainer (Mariah) is an incredibly encouraging and helpful woman. She tells me how strong I am. She reminds me that I am making progress. She is my cheering section.

Note: My husband is a wonderful cheering section too, but he would (and does) tell me I am wonderful all the time. He isn’t the right person for the job of helping me get stronger. He is the right person for helping me with all the sore muscles afterward.

After all that explanation, today is my birthday and I have decided on a new goal for this year. For my 41st birthday present to myself I am going to ‘Be Kind to Myself’. That is, I am going to treat myself as nicely as I would treat anyone else. I wouldn’t say the things my inner critic says to me to any of my friends so my inner critic needs to go away. I deserve to treat myself as well as I treat anyone else. And that is the goal.

So this blog is going to help me chronicle that journey, the journey to silence my inner critic and enjoy the fun joyful person that I know is in there and I want to see more often. It is very likely that you, readers, will see me post about Getting Stronger and about Being Kind to Myself.

Please be encouraging. Please leave comments. My inner critic can be very loud and very unkind. And somedays are just hard.


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  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Work hard at achieving your goals. Listen to people who say you can’t achieve your goals and disregard what they are saying. These people are express their limits not yours. Prove to yourself (the most important person in the world) that you can and will suceed at any all challenges .

  2. I am working on it. It is horrible how much I am letting people from long ago direct my course today. They don’t matter anymore. They have probably forgotten all about me. I need to forget about them too.

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