Yesterday I went to the eye doctor. He said my vision is pretty much the same as it was before. I had a rough 20/20 with the current glasses, but that it would be slightly better with the new ones. It is an astigmatism correction not a focus correction. I am happy. He also said that I can still wear the glasses when reading, but if my eyes get tired and I want to I can take the glasses off and read that way. My walking buddy said that was a good reason to read in bed and not worry about the glasses. I think she is right.

My daughter got a new prescription for glasses yesterday too, but her’s changed more. I am not surprised. She is still growing. She will be happy in about a week when the new glasses come in. My glasses come in at the same time, but she will be happier because she actually needs her’s to SEE.

So today I am thinking about the joys of being able to see and the thrill of being able to see well. I don’t usually pay much attention to it, but I should. It is important.


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