First off, no one in our family is hurt or was involved in any sort accident today.

Today, my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen trying to get a computer to behave when we heard a squeal of car brakes, then the crunch of metal, and then silence. Since our house backs up to an expressway, this isn’t too terribly unusual. I know of at least three accidents that have happened right near our house, two of them significant. Today was one of those significant ones.

Today after two or three minutes we heard the sounds of fire trucks. They are just down the road, no more than a mile or two away. When we went out to go to the gym we saw the scene. One car was being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck, another car was on its side, and a third car was under the car on its side. It looked like someone going on the expressway had run into a car making a left turn and pushed it over and into a third car.

We got around all the mess and went on about our business. But I am grateful that there were several police cars, at least one fire truck, and there must have been an ambulance but I didn’t see it. I am profoundly grateful that I live in a place where emergency services are available. I hope to never need them. But I am glad they are there.

(If you are actually going to the blog and not reading this in an RSS Reader, you might have noticed an Iced Tea of the Day widget on the side. Today’s tea was a bust. No Lipton iced tea for us. We go back to something else tomorrow. Maybe Blueberry…)


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