A few weeks ago we found out that my son did not have celiac disease. Through the research I did prior to him being tested and while waiting for the test results I knew that if it was positive and he did have celiac disease we were going to need to do a total food make-over. One of the things on the recommended list was acknowledging that you were grieving for the foods you could no longer have. Thankfully we didn’t have do this, but it got me thinking.

I am grieving for my food life before I started this fit and healthy journey. I am grieving for eating an oreo. I am grieving for eating potato chips. I am grieving about the time I am spending running in circles. I am grieving for a lifestyle that I am not really a part of anymore.

No one has ever told me that it is okay to grieve for a lifestyle before. I am not sure if anyone else even feels that it is a loss. But I do.

I want to be fit and healthy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss living like I did before. I am sure I will reach a new normal and I will adjust, just like anyone told that they could no longer have gluten would adjust. But grief is real. And right now I am sad.


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